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My name is Daniel (Danny) Stofleth and I am a PhD graduate from the Department of Communication at the University of Washington, Seattle. I focus primarily on interpersonal and health communication, employing a variety of methods (both qualitative and quantitative) to answer diverse research questions. I typically seek to understand the impact of particular programs or treatments on individuals, document people's impressions of various experiences, or observe and learn from individuals in naturalistic and artificial settings. 

My goal is to have an impact both inside and outside of academia. Therefore, my work involves presenting data at academic conferences and publishing in academic journals, but I also publish in popular press outlets. 

Right now I’m deepening my research skills with KUOW’s ‘Ask A…’ Project and as a Research Compliance Analyst at Seattle Children's Research Institute. 

When I'm not working, I'm an avid climber, boardgame player, and world traveler. I was incredibly lucky to receive a travel fellowship to spend 8 months roaming Asia and the Middle East. I learned to understand diverse cultures in greater depth and pursued my passions in meditation, yoga, conflict resolution, and good beer. I'm not sure I will ever shake the travel bug! See some highlights here

For the gist, check out my résumé; or see my CV for greater detail. Descriptions of my research projects can be found in the above drop-downs. 

The easiest way to contact me is generally via email: dstofleth (at) If you would like to chat or think I can help you with a project, feel free to say hi!

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KUOW’s ‘Ask A’ Project

Drafted an Executive Summary detailing the significant positive impacts of workshops promoting engaged dialogue with diverse communities


Inside Higher Ed

Interviewed for comments by InsideHigherEd on a fellowship project promoting connections between 4-year and 2-year colleges


Rethinking Prosperity

Featured write-up on rethinking prosperity and sustainable development


UW Mindfulness Project

Interviewed to comment on my work with the UW Mindfulness Project


Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Interviewed after being awarded the Bonderman Travel Fellowship